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Celia Hart

Celia Hart

My illustrations for Gardens Illustrated Magazine

Some of you, especially the gardeners among you, may remember that from April 2015 to December 2017 I illustrated Frank Ronan's column on the final page of Gardeners Illustrated Magazine. Each month the editor would email me Frank's words, I would then have about a week to read it and create a linocut illustration. I enjoyed spotting the literary references with which Frank scatters his prose and in response I would sometimes introduce art references into my illustration.

22-11-23-GardensIllustrated - C

In addition to my fee for the work, I retained the copyright of the artwork and so some of the illustrations have become my most popular greetings card designs, these and the original linocut editions are available from my shop.

22-11-23-GardensIllustrated - A

I wrote about my working process on my blog PurplePoddedPeas, you can read the blogposts here which include my sketches and thoughts about the linocut designs.

22-11-23-GardensIllustrated - D

22-11-23-GardensIllustrated - B

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