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Into the red

22-11-15-Into the red - B

This is a book that I wish there was no need to be published, it's a collection of words and art inspired by Britain's most vulnerable birds. Currently there are 70 birds on the 'Red List', that's nearly double the number when the list was first drawn up in 1996.
Our birds are in trouble. We don't miss what we didn't know existed, so this book is a collection of portraits of these precious bird species in words and pictures, if you get to know and love a wild bird then you will fight for its habitats to survive or be restored and created.

22-11-15-Into the red - C

I was surprised but delighted to be invited to take part in the project by allowing the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) to use my linocut 'Winter Visitors' to illustrate Bewick Swans. All the images and bird descriptions are worth mention, I'll just pick out a few as I flick through the pages. A beautiful painting of a Whinchat by Brin Edwards; Fieldfares by Charlotte Strawbridge, I love the wintery feel of this one; a delightful linocut of a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker by Mackenzie Crook multi-talented actor/director/artist (creator of the Detectorists television comedy series); a Whimbrel in a perfectly caught stance by Jim Moir (who you might be more familiar as comedian Vic Reeves). And there's my linocut of Bewick Swans.

22-11-15-Into the red - A

The original limited edition linocuts of "Winter Visitors" are available from my online shop. The design is also available as a greetings card … it would make a lovely alternative christmas card.

The book, Into the Red is available from the BTO online shop. Get to know these beautiful birds and care that they survive.

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