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Celia Hart

Celia Hart

Linocut illustration for DukesHill

Last summer Springetts Brand Design asked me to create a large linocut illustration to be part of the rebranding of DukesHill, a long established company supplying high quality artisan foods.

In an online meeting I was introduced to the Dukeshill marketing team and together we came up with 'a slice of the Shropshire countryside' which could be used as a wide landscape illustration.

Once everyone was happy with the design I carved it into the lino block.


I used a dark ink (mixed from Prussian Blue and Van Duck Brown which I find easier to work with than Black ink) to ink the block and take proofs on Japanese paper for scanning.


After scanning and editing, my final illustration was supplied as a black and white digital file. The design team used this to create the new branding in a dark teal green colour.


The illustration is printed on DukesHiil's new cardboard delivery boxes, thank you to Springetts Brand Design for the photos.


And details can be used on the DukesHill web site, marketing emails and gift cards.



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