Celia Hart

illustrator and printmaker

I'm looking forward to joining the artists and makers in the Art Arcade at FolkEast, 19, 20 & 21 August at Glemham Hall in Suffolk. This year marks the 10th anniversary of this unique festival of music, art and heritage.

My online shop is open
but at present I am only posting to UK customers

I know I've neglected my blog BUT
I've started a new Instagram account
@walkinglookingpainting documenting exploration of landscape paintings and new experiments in monotype prints. After nearly 20 years carving lino and wood this has been a welcome diversion not least for my hand and arm joints.

This year I've worked on some interesting commissions
In February I made some changes to the 'crest' I designed for the Telegraph newspaper 7 years ago, it's usually on the editorial page but sometimes gets promoted to the front.
In March I worked on an interesting product packaging project, it's due to unveiled this summer.
And in May I created a large linocut illustration for a client, again it's secret until they launch their new branding.

My new web site … pending!
Behind the scenes I'm planning to replace this web site with a new simpler and more 'phone-friendly' style. I've discovered that I can only update this site on my old laptop! So that's an extra incentive to crack-on with the new one. So don't be surprised if things suddenly appear different, I'll probably launch the bare bones of the new site and gradually pad it out with more info and images.

Find me on:
where I will be posting updates from my studio, garden and local footpaths in the SW corner of Suffolk
so hop over if you want respite form the Covid19 news reports.

occasionally I may update my Facebook page

if you're bored, feel free to browse my Pinterest boards

My Blog :
Herbationes - walking and looking
hasn't been updated for a while due to having to concentrate on 'real life' BUT I've resurrected the idea on my new Instagram account

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