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Celia Hart

Celia Hart

Walking - looking - drawing

Since 2020 I have been exploring landscape painting. I realised that I wanted to combine my love of walking out in the countryside with my art practice. When you walk through a landscape and take in your surroundings, you are not a camera taking a single snap shot, you are a multi-sensory organism that is part of the landscape you are moving through.

In October 2022 I was lucky to be able to join a group of artists for a day drawing on Orford Ness, a shingle spit island off the Suffolk Coast.

8-12-22-Walking looking drawing - A

I like to work in 'concertina sketchbooks' which I make from off-cuts of thick cartridge paper.

8-12-22-Walking looking drawing - B

I often visit Ickworth Park, in November 2022 I combined a walk with an intense hour sketching. I had prepared the paper with tape masking off sections and painting the surface with tinted gesso mixed with a pumice get to give the surface 'bite'.

8-12-22-Walking looking drawing - C

In December 2022 I spent a night in my camper van next to Bacton beach on the NE coast of Norfolk. It was wild and stormy but the sun briefly came out in the morning and I did a very quick sketch standing by the groynes as the waves crashed onto the shore.

8-12-22-Walking looking drawing - D

There's nothing like being outside in the landscape to get a feel of its shapes and colours. You can see a couple of short videos of my tips for outdoor sketching in winter part 1 and part 2 over on my Instagram @walkinglookingpainting

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